About Us

About Us

What are Grafters Super Groups?

Grafters Super Groups are fortnightly networking referral groups for specialist suppliers and contractors to the UK construction and property industry.

Every member or guest on any call is currently working on projects on which your product and service will be required.

Grafters Super Groups provides a structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals for specialist contractors and suppliers within the built environment.

You can join a Grafters Super Group and lock out your specialism for 12 months for either : –

  1. £495

or alternatively

  1. 3x consecutive monthly payments of £185 (Total £555)

Plus Meeting Fee

£10 per month meeting fee taken via direct debit

(All the above prices are subject to vat)

All fortnightly meetings are carried on Zoom with a meet up once a quarter arranged for a group lunch or dinner.

To enquire about joining a group in your area click here  – JOIN NOW

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